The Ribbon project redeveloped the IMAX in the Darling Harbour into a 5-star hotel with a new IMAX theatre, shops and public spaces. It is a difficult site because it is a very public area squeezed between two highway overpasses. The site had acid sulphate soil contamination and the potential for unexpected asbestos finds. The Grocon Group commissioned Hibbs to supply a comprehensive suite of hazardous materials and environmental services to ensure worker safety and regulatory compliance during ground works.

Hibbs wrote a site-specific Asbestos Management Plan and an Unexpected Finds Procedure for Grocon and provided asbestos awareness training to all site workers. Our hazardous material consultants kept a constant site attendance to supervise asbestos removals, conduct clearance inspections and supply guidance and support when needed. Hibbs developed and executed an air monitoring programme during all civil and demolition works. This included background monitoring, exposure monitoring and control monitoring to provide the client and on-site contractors with prompt results relating to airborne fibres. We analysed the samples at Hibbs’ in-house NATA accredited laboratory so that Grocon received our reports within 24-hours. Hibbs handled conveying this information to contractors and kept an on-site noticeboard.

Effective team work and pro-active attitudes to control enabled Grocon to deliver their challenging project successfully without compromising the health and safety of their workers.

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