Cleaners on the frontline

As many of us gingerly return to our workplaces, we are relying on cleaners to keep us safe. Employers have extra concerns. High quality cleaning is the key to shielding them from liability should their workers contract COVID-19 and they run the risk of having to shut their workplaces down again. ABC news has just…

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Fitting Disposable Respirators with Adjustable Straps

A short video from 3M Personal Safety UK on how to correctly fit 3M Disposable Respirators with Adjustable Straps. Click HERE to watch the video. Hibbs carry out fit testing for different types of respirators to help you assess and select the appropriate respirator for your workplace. Contact us in case you would like us…

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Dangerous Unknowns

Dust to Dust is a four-part audio documentary series created to coincide with the UK-wide campaign Airtight on Asbestos, led by independent think tank ResPublica, and is available here.  The podcasts began on the weekend before the 20th anniversary of the UK ban on asbestos (24 November 2019). In Part three of the series, released on 20…

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Warehouse Asbestos Contamination


An extreme weather event passed through Canberra early 2020.  Several suburbs experienced a severe hailstorm (with some hailstones exceeding 40 mm in diameter) and heavy rain.  The asbestos cement roof of a warehouse owned by a leading Australian retailer was badly damaged leaving the warehouse and stock water damaged and contaminated with asbestos containing dust…

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WestConnex St Peters Interchange Project


The WestConnex St Peters Interchange is part of the major WestConnex infrastructure project. The site operated as a landfill from the 1980’s to 2015 when the WestConnex project commenced. Before Hibbs were involved with the project, advisers to Golder Associates classified their geotechnical sampling as friable asbestos removal works. That required Golder Associates to engage…

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The Ribbon Project – IMAX Darling Harbour

ribbon-project- Imax Darling Harbour

The Ribbon project redeveloped the IMAX in the Darling Harbour into a 5-star hotel with a new IMAX theatre, shops and public spaces. It is a difficult site because it is a very public area squeezed between two highway overpasses. The site had acid sulphate soil contamination and the potential for unexpected asbestos finds. The…

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Suez – Night Time Waste Truck Noise


SUEZ is a global expert in the water and waste sectors. They provide about 4 million Australian residents and businesses with waste collection services each week. With volumes of urban waste increasing, SUEZ is working with local authorities to set up made-to-measure collection systems that can collect more recoverable waste, reduce nuisances and optimise costs.…

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Glass Recovery Services Recycling Project

Glass Recovery Services is Australia’s newest and biggest waste glass recycling company of its kind in Australia. They specialise in transforming glass received from recycling facilities into a variety of useful applications. The process is noisy, dusty and dirty. Hibbs hazardous materials consultants conducted an asbestos audit of the workplace and wrote an Asbestos Register…

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