The WestConnex St Peters Interchange is part of the major WestConnex infrastructure project. The site operated as a landfill from the 1980’s to 2015 when the WestConnex project commenced.

Before Hibbs were involved with the project, advisers to Golder Associates classified their geotechnical sampling as friable asbestos removal works. That required Golder Associates to engage a full-time asbestos removal supervisor during all sampling activities, provide a wet decontamination unit, conduct daily asbestos fibre air monitoring around all rigs and wear full-face respirators.

Hibbs took over the daily asbestos fibre air monitoring for Golder Associates because we provide air monitoring results the same day and within 2-hours of the end of the shift.

We reassessed the works and supplied PPE recommendations specific to each activity that replaced the blanket generic control. This correctly reclassified the geotechnical sampling works as not an asbestos removal works in line with the regulations. That meant Golder Associates no longer need the asbestos removal supervisor and all the associated measures.

Hibbs’ sound knowledge of the regulations and considerable experience of specialist consulting services based on health risk assessment helped Golder Associates reduce project costs and with a tailored PPE regime. By reducing the need for constant full-face respirators, Golder Associates reduced the potential for heat stress on their workers.

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